• Leeahna Grier, LPN


The benefits Dermaka can cause in a variety of Specialties is profound. The level of accelerated healing is one of the many wonderful points that hundreds of clinics across the country are enjoying. Patients are calling less, and healing faster than ever... Naturally and safely.

By incorporating Dermaka within your Pre and Post care Instructions the continuity of care is increasing and anxiety riddled calls asking what the instructions are and where do they find what is recommenced is decreasing, the medical team is spending less time on the phone and more time with patents in the office. Offering Dermaka in the same place that the patient has chosen to trust their care only makes since. Simplifying a patients procedure is in everyones best interest. The cost is low. In most cases ounce per ounce Dermaka is more affordable than most topical care products even Arnica. Not to mention Dermaka included an additional 14 all natural ingredients that combat more than just bruising. As a clinic treating the entire process is important.

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