• Leeahna Grier,LPN

Profit, Less Nursing calls, increase patient compliance... want to know how

What if I told you that in one simple profitable product, your office can receive less nursing calls, higher patient compliance all while creating extra revenue. Let me relate the common scenario for us all. "Sue has surgery and although she was told to get arnica and ace wraps, her long history of procrastination behavior has once again proven to be a interruption in care. But without fail Bob, the devoted husband is at the store while she waits in their master bathroom for him to return with the necessary wound care items. Bob is having trouble locating the aRnica, and so far has an arm full of Robitussin, Rhinocort and Root beer... and anxiety has now set in. Sue is calling the office, Bob is calling the office, and in 10 minutes the nursing station voicemail has 7 messages each with a more intense level of anxiety over the current state, and now Sue is considering if Bob ever really loved her over the last 26 years or valued her health. Lets just say procrastination is not the only unaddressed character flaw.

Each practice will receive calls similar to this in over 50% of the surgeries performed regardless of the written and verbal instructions provided. There is a answer, and its affordable to patients. By Providing Dermaka at checkout upon scheduling, a patient leaves the office with what they need with absolutely certainty and the practice knows that the patients has what they need in their possession before the surgery takes place. By introducing this one single step you are able to eliminate all compliancy issues aside from the actual application in addition to saving several nursing hours on the phone responding to calls or multiple calls for the same reason.

Dermaka offers much more than assistance than reducing bruising and this is important all the elements that occur after a procedure. By offering Dermaka even in a combination opportunity at check out.... you can save patients like Sue and poor Bob from experiences like these.

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