• Leeahna Grier,LPN

Suggest VS. Recommend, the right words are everything

When reviewing Medical Care to a patient that would optimize their results its important to consider your words so that the weight of importance is understood without doubt. In the medical field the medical Team plays a key role in a patients level of confidence in their care and physicians abilities.

"Suggestion verses Recommendation”…. We have all heard “Dentist recommended…..” “Dermatologist Recommended…”, this is a valuable piece of medical marketing. Suggestion is defined as a offer for someone to consider while recommendation is a piece of advise on how to solve a problem. By applying this small change to your written and verbal review of patient care instructions you can offer a sense of confidence to a patient that Dermaka is a product to solve the most common symptoms that occur after a surgical, medical-spa and venous procedure.

Words have power, and give patients confidence!

"Dermaka is Recommended after each procedure to combat the common symptoms that occur such as swelling, redness, bruising, pigmentation changes, staining and induration, as well as offering to reduce your healing time by 50%. "

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