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5 STAR REVIEWS by Costumers

ByNoviceon May 17, 2016

Size: 4oz|Verified Purchase

Dermaka was recommended by my vascular surgeon to help reduce bruising and swelling after surgery. It was amazingly effective. The cream is not greasy and has no unpleasant odor. It is very pleasant to use and it reduced bruising and swelling within days.

ByJean E Archibaldon April 2, 2018

Size: 4oz|Verified Purchase

Dermaka was recommended by my vein Dr, I had major vein surgery and I was concerned that the scar and bruising would be almost as unsightly as the vein. I now call this my magic vein cream. After removing the initial bandages I started using the cream three times daily. The daily improvement was amazing. It is Quite expensive but definitely worth the cost.

ByPerla Delatorreon July 24, 2017

Size: 4oz|Verified Purchase

Went to have some work on a few spider veins this cream was recommended by the vein specialist works great . Bruising disappeared pretty quickly using this cream . Also having some tattoos removed and this has helped heal my skin from the after math of laser tattoo removal.

ByBethon May 2, 2018

Size: 4oz

Initially I bought this cream in my dermatology office after a leg vein procedure. The bruising and redness healed much more quickly than I anticipated. My husband and his father are both diabetic and develop diabetic ulcers (sores) that take forever (if ever) to heal. My husband went to a wound care center three x’s a week for months the last time he developed the ulcers. They were starting again and I had him try Dermaka. They healed in just a few days! Then we ordered a jar on Amazon and had it sent to my father-in-law who was having serious wound issues. This is a man who doesn’t easily become excited about things. He has called 3 x’s to thank us! I have also starting using Dermaka for fine lines on my neck and face. This morning we saw our podiatrist, who also works at the wound care center we used to go to. We told him about Dermaka. When he looked at my husband,s legs (the sight of his wound issues) and listened to,our glowing report, he said he was going to seriously look into Dermaka for wound healing purposes. Wouldn’t want to be without it!

Over 64 reviews of happy costumers confirming that it works! now its your turn to try it!

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