• Leeahna Grier,LPN

Terason t3200 Ultrasound with Probe for SALE-make an offer! must sell soon...

"Accepting All Reasonable Offers"

This item new list over $30,000

The Terason t3200 portable ultrasound system, year 2007 is distinctively designed for use in musculoskeletal applications. Featuring enhanced image quality to improve clarity of muscles, tendons, ligaments, soft tissue, and bones, the Terason t3200 ultrasound unit provides the diagnostic tools necessary for musculoskeletal needs. The Terason t3200 ultrasound machine was designed with ease of use in mind, featuring quick and easy documentation of exam images, an EZ-Viewer, and built in exam specific tools.

Superior Image Quality through the full depth range with high frame rates. Only Terason’s new patented beamformer with advanced processing power provides image clarity like no other.

  • Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV)

  • Dynamic Depth Resolution (DDRTM) provides uniform imaging at higher frequencies

  • uConnect® remote capabilities

  • TeraVisionTM II enhances clinical confidence for faster, more accurate procedures

Take advantage of Terason’s true open architecture to streamline workflow and easily store data.

  • Open architecture for file management

  • 500 GB internal hard drive

  • Easy integration with EMR

  • Easily transfer DICOM images to PACS

  • Built-in DVD/CD+R/W

  • Wireless networking available

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