• Leeahna Grier,LPN

Waiting Rooms are Taking on a New Look

In todays world of fast pace, immediate responses and never stopping connections to others. The days of waiting room soft music and the latest magazines to occupy your patients while they wait is a thing of the past. The opportunity to "juice" up your phone, tablet or laptop is a highly sot out for in todays medical facility. In each aspect of our lives if the task requires waiting and it can be for a flight, sandwich or medical care the common response is, "do you have an outlet I can use". Grown ups sitting on the ground near the nearest source of electricity is becoming a common thread. So no matter if you patient is a teenager needing to look up homework although is most likely updating snapchat or a professional who had to bring their work with them in order to escape long enough to have medical services and needs to continue working on the deadline past due report their boss is looking for. The ability to offer your patients a docking and charging station in your waiting room will become a noticeable satisfactory indicator in your next patient based review.

This also offers you an opportunity to promote an "app" for your practice or launch a patient portal to streamline your patient services and increase marketing or promotional offers. Cease the day and take the changing needs of the world as a sign to help your patients and your practice.

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