• Leeahna Grier,LPN

VeinGogh for $29 a month....are you interested?

VeinGogh is a simple and effective method in treating telangectasias, spider veins, angiogenesis and facial veins. The downtime is minimal, and the patients are satisfied with the results. This is a practice no brainer. On average a practice can charge from $300- $350 for a half hour session and can easily be infused within a established list of treatment options within your clinic. The maintenance is low and needles are affordable. But how do you o about getting a device? It does not matter if you are looking to expand your practice and the cost are adding up or your are launching a new practice, or simply adding to the treatment options you offer to patients to achieve the most optimal results. The VeinGogh is an affordable lucrative device for you. If the complete payments is not in your budget upfront, simple financing is available. Practices have the option to pick from low payments for the first 6months as low as $29/month or enter into a stead low payment of $300 for up to 84 months. Your payments can be the cost of a monthly VeinGogh treatment.

Leasing options are also available for $999, 3 months or $3,600 for 12 months. The best part about leasing with VeinGogh is if you decide to buy is a portion of your lease cost will go towards your purchase price.

The options are endless, Training is available on sight to ensure that you are equipped with the information that you need to succeed. VeinGogh microburst technology is proven and effective even against the most stubborn of fine veins.

Offer your patients something different, something new, something that will get them the results they want. Stand above the rest in vein cosmetics. Become. VeinGogh Provider today.

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