• Leeahna Grier,LPN

Dermaka improving Solar Elastosis

This is a before and after image of a patient that used Dermaka twice a day to her lower legs for 2 months. The purpura and solar elastosis are dramatically improved in this short amount of time. What remains appears to be post inflammatory hyper pigmentation as a result of long term inflamtion of the skin. The patient reports that within the first 7 days she noticed the "bruising" faded as well as the over all texture and durability of her skin improved. The post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, recognized during the visit has also become lighter per the patient although we are offering an addition month to two months to determine the true effects on this condition. Over all this is impressive. The unique combination of plant based ingredients found in Dermaka, are offering a remarkable yet affordable option for patients who suffer traditionally for years from fragile skin, unsightly discoloration and skin tears.

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