• Leeahna Grier, LPN

Dermaka Review, Thumbs up... WAY UP!

Dermaka is such an awesome mix! I have a underlying blood disorder that makes it easy for me to bruise, Dermaka makes the visual appearance lighter and reduces the pain and swelling almost immediately. Also after chemical peels Dermaka has been the ultimate moisturizer! But lastly I must say, Dermaka is the most soothing, burn relieving topical I have ever used on any of my tattoos. Dermaka has been the only topical that removes all throbbing, inflammation & redness, keeps ink able to breathe, it isn't sticky! And it's all natural! I've sent pictures of the ingredients to my tattoo artist who really believes in all natural and highly disapproved of petroleum base products, IM SIMPLY OBSESSED WITH DERMAKA! bye bye cocoa butter! Dermaka for the win! 💪👌👍

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