• Leeahna Grier,LPN

Treats for the accounts

Sweet treats for our Dermaka account holders. Dermaka is making its way throughout the community finding the parallels in multiple areas for patients and clients alike to benefit from this all natural cream. Trauma to the skin either caused by disease, surgery, aesthetics or even tattoos share in the elements of swelling, redness, bruising and irritation. Dermaka has proven results to help in all of these areas with the science to support a higher level of effectiveness than its competitors. Designed by a surgeon with the heart of a botanist, let Dermaka be part of your practice or shop. Your patients or clients will thank you, and the increased revenue will be the easiest part of your day. To receive samples or to place an order please email me at contact@lgconsulting.solutions or call me at 561-262-5146.

Dermaka sweet treats

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