• Leeahna Grier, LPN

Dermaka for Tattoos

I have personally used Dermaka for yearly as the aftercare on all my tattoos and the results are amazing. The healing time on fine line work and shading is cut in half. The artist really like the fact the product does not suffocate the skin during healing stages, minimal sloughing and peeling reducing the loss of ink in the skin, increases skin tolerance of the ink and the inflammation is gone within minutes. Its even great to use during the ink processes. I am currently performing a study against some of the big name tattoo aftercare brands to prove how much more efficient in healing the tattoo it is. Stay tuned for the results. Also if you are planning on getting more or your first Tattoo message me I would love to talk to you in regards to having you in the free of charge study. #Dermaka #Dermakaink #Tattoodermaka #tattoolove

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