LG Consulting offers a comprehensive in personal service to assist clinical practices with effective methods to improve organization, billing, supplies, coding, employees, facility presentation and most importantly patient growth.  With over 15 years of experience this service can show you a multitude of ways to grow your practice, employee moral and reduce cost.  The methods that will be presented have been recognized in several levels of clinical settings.  LG Consulting can assist with practices just starting out by facilitating locations and advertising as well as smooth out the edges of an existing practice who's needs require more of a streamlining approach.   

Clinician Consulting Includes:

Employee Job Duties *

Employee morale and initiative*

HIPPA Privacy Laws*

Supply Cost*

Marketing Tools and Plan Design*

Product Profits*

Scheduling and Templating*

Charting and Documentation*

Coding and Billing regulations*

Aesthetic Vein Services*

Office Appearance and Appeal*

Practice Growth Tools*

Skills to Stimulate New Patient Growth*

Staff Education*

State and Local Regulations*

Policy and Procedure Protocols*

Facility Compliance Standards*

Community Marketing Potentials*

Equipment Maintenance and Service*

Negotiate Medical Supply Pricing and Contracts*

Target Cosmetic Price Points*

Improve Patient Satisfaction*

Service options

  • 30 min

    free consultation
  • An effective and affordable way to treat patients for cosmetic revenue...

    6 hr

    450 US dollars
  • An option for Practices that are requesting assistance in a single are...

    4 hr

    350 US dollars
  • I promote and assist in finding buyers for your no longer want used me...

    30 min

    prices vary
  • 24 hr

    1,000 US dollars
  • Consulting for established Practices looking to streamline or enhance ...

    24 hr

    650 US dollars