Dermaka is an all-natural plant based cream enriched with vitamins that can be used on all types of skin disorders secondary to invasive procedures including post phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, chemical and laser peels. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti microbial and anti oxidant properties. Clinical testing has shown Dermaka to show rapid resolution of inflammatory changes and bruising. To find out more on how to sell Dermaka within your practice or shop please contact me at or call me at 561-262-5146


Dermaka, offers clinics the opportunity to improve patient outcome while streamlining their care and increasing surgical site care compliance in patients.  Clinics that involve Dermaka in their care instruction will notice less anxiety riddled calls from patient confused by the instructions and the products needed to perform post-op care, which allows for more time within a clinic  to see patients by the entire medical team.  

The new formula even combats the pigmentation changes found in hemosiderin staining as well as post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation.  Without the use of chemicals, Dermaka offers a more rapid effective resolutions of pigmentation. This includes long term discoloration found in stasis dermatitis and solar elastosis. 

New clinics are welcome to trial Dermaka at No Charge, by registering for the "A Dermaka A Day" Promotion by selecting the link below. 



An affordable, safe and effective option for patients to treat discoloration, even long term chronic discoloration caused by post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, solar elastosis, chambers' disease, stasis dermatitis, purpura, hemosiderin staining and vein insufficiency


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Cosmetic Services experience an accelerated healing time when utilized prior to procedures and following treatments