Starlux 300 Intense Pulsed Light

The Palomar Starlux 300 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) System is a complex and flexible platform that is used to perform the most requested types of procedures, from skin rejuvenation and hair removal to wrinkle reduction and acne treatment. The Starlux 300 uses innovative smooth pulse technology to prevent epidermal temperature spikes, ensuring a more comfortable patient experience.       
The compact and innovative Starlux 300 has various handpieces that can be used to perform a wide variety of procedures and laser treatments. It is therefore especially suited to allow a business to expand treatment procedures offered without purchasing additional base units. As your business grows, so can the usefullness of the Starlux 300.

Palomar Starlux 300, Red/Green with cart

$10,950.00 Regular Price
$3,832.50Sale Price
    • This unit includes, a mobile cart stand, foot petal and two hand pieces used for a complete treatment experience.  

    You will receive a green and red hand pieces when purchasing this device. Each hand piece is worth $2000 each when sold separately.  



    This device was purchased new in 2006, with a single orginal owner.  Also a  service report dated in 2018 showing perfect working order, is available. When purchasing the original manuel will be shipped with the device. 

    Shipping cost is provided by the seller. 

    Please see the purchaser documents to complete the purchase process. The purchasing document must be returned completed to as well as the funds prior to shipping taking place. 

    The device will be shipped drained of all chiller fluid, therefore a error code will present "023" indicating fluids needed.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to have Palomar chiller fluid on hand to add to the device in order to completely trial the device within the documented allotted time frame prior to funds released to the seller.