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LG Consulting offers a comprehensive in person service to assist clinical practices with effective methods to improve organization, billing, supplies, coding, employees, facility presentation and most importantly patient growth.  With over 15 years of experience this service can show you a multitude of ways to grow your practice, employee moral and reduce cost.  The methods that will be presented have been recognized in several levels of clinical settings.  LG Consulting can assist with practices just starting out by facilitating locations and advertising as well as smooth out the edges of an existing practice who's needs require more of a streamlining approach.   

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LG Consulting is owned and Operated by a nurse who has over 16 years of experience in managing, opening and reforming medical offices. The clinical consulting services are a collaboration of all of her experiences that have been tried and perfected over the years.   For years practice administrations and physicians have utilized methods designed by LG Consulting to produce a more efficient and caring facility.  Organizing skills and teaching time management to all levels of the medical team is only the beginning to a efficient practice.  The team at LG Consulting apply personal experiences with a hand on approach that can be modified to fit your needs.  

How we stand apart from the rest, we continue to provide support off-site after your session is concluded. We care and want to see you succeed. Your Practice success is our personal goal. 


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